As Yvette Cooper said recently “You can’t believe a word she says”

Theresa May has decided that lying is better than losing votes.  She is using the Trump tactic of not worrying about being caught in a lie as the people calling her out won’t vote for her anyway.

Trump has shown that believers will still believe and the others are a lost cause anyway.

This is hugely cynical and plumbing new depths even for UK politics.

She is helped by the massively supportive mass media not even mentioning the lies.

But, of course, she has not worried about lying in the past.

I have been keeping a bit of a list of the more brazen lies. Here they are:

  • Argued for Remain, now argues for Leave (one of the positions is deceitful)
  • Lied about UK law concerning consulting Parliament
    • Them blamed Gina Miller for obstruction by making her follow the law
  • Continues to lie that 17.4m of the British electorate voted to leave the Single Market and Customs Union, end Freedom of Movement and eliminate any influence by the ECJ. Some might have but there is no way they all voted for this.
  • Lied that the UK economy would be strong after leaving the Single Market
    • when CEBR and Government studies show that all forms of Brexit are worse than Remaining
  • Lied about immigrants saying they were putting pressure on the public services
  • Falsely blamed immigrants for stealing UK native jobs
  • Announced the Dementia Tax then scrapped it and famously lied that “Nothing has changed”
  • Said publicly, 6 times, that she would not call a snap election, then called a snap election
    • and blamed the Remainers because they were suggesting they would scrutinize the Exit deal
  • Accused the SNP of playing politics
    • Then blamed them for dividing the UK
  • Claimed in 2017 that the country was “coming together” when all studies showed it was more divided than ever before
  • Promised to enfranchise long-term ex-pats
    • we are still waiting….
  • Continues to say that the choice is between her deal and no deal when the the courts have ruled that the UK can revoke Article 50 unilaterally to stop Brexit
  • Claims a new public vote would undermine democracy
  • Claimed that Government there was “No special deal” with Nissan to secure the X-Trail and QashQai models in Sunderland
  • Claimed that the £20bn NHS additional funding was coming from a “Brexit Dividend”
  • Claims her deal “protect jobs” when in fact it just reduces the number of lost jobs when compared to a “No Deal”. Every form of Brexit will cost jobs when compared to Remaining in the EU.
  • States, multiple times, that her deal is the only one on offer, no other deal is possible, her deal is the best possible deal – and then instructs her party to vote to change her deal
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