She’s it at it again – Lying like Trump

Theresa May has decided that lying is better than losing votes.  She is using the Trump tactic of not worrying about being caught in a lie as the people calling her out won’t vote for her anyway.

Trump has shown that believers will believe and the others are a lost cause anyway. May is ahead so she doesn’t need converts but she does need to hold on to the votes she already has.

With her latest lie concerning the Dementia Tax she has calculated that it is better to change the policy (applying a cap) and then lie (that this is not a change) than lose votes.

This is hugely cynical and plumbing new depths even for UK politics.

She is helped by the massively supportive mass media not even mentioning the lies.

But, of course, she has not worried about lying in the past. Generally her lies take the form of lying and then blaming someone else.

In the past 12 months she has cynically lied about and then blamed:

  • Lied about UK law concerning consulting Parliament
    • Them blamed Gina Miller for obstruction by making her follow the law
  • Lied that the British electorate voted to leave the Single Market and Customs Union
    • We will be blamed for the economy tanking after we leave
  • Lied that the EU were spreading false rumours (the stories were true)
    • Then blamed them for trying to influence the General election
  • Lied that the UK economy would be strong after leaving the Single Market
    • when CEBR study shows best case UK will lose £25b per year
  • Lied about immigrants saying they were putting pressure on the public services
    • Then blamed them for stealing jobs
  • Lied that Corbyn was spreading fear among dementia suffers
    • that they would face large bills for their care, they will
    • Then blamed him for causing her to change the policy
  • Lied about calling a snap election
    • Then blamed the Remainers because they were suggesting they would scrutinize the Exit deal
  • Lied about the SNP saying they were playing politics
    • Then blamed them for dividing the UK

The EU are also in the firing line to get blamed when she fails to agree her perfect, deluded exit deal.

As Yvette Cooper said recently “You can’t believe a word she says”

I really don’t think we have ever had a PM quite as cynical, arrogant and, given these lies, corrupt.

I cannot believe that we want to be governed by someone with such a wayward moral compass.

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