Our Government on Brexit so far:

The White Paper full of sugar and spice and all things nice – but no substance whatsoever

Truely embarrassing overtures to an idiot for favours and handouts

A crazy threat for a low corporate tax free unregulated ecomony when negotiations fail to deliver the promised la-la land. That’s low tax for business, higher taxes and lower benenefits with no protections for you and me.

A referendum sold to MPs as advisory but claimed as a mandate to do whatever comes to mind.

No plan whatsoever on what to do if the UK voted Leave

Made up interpretations about the law to deprive MPs of a vote – and it takes a member of the public to fight (and win) that battle

The #brexitbill with only 2 paragraphs and you are unpatriotic if you vote against it

The promise of a vote but with the Hobson’s Choice of Deal or No Deal, we are leaving at any cost

It is time for our MPs to take back control – even Donald  agrees

Support amendment NC99, get some dignity back and “Take back control” – before it’s too late

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    • BritainStays
      BritainStays says:

      A50 is revocable. There is no reason to believe our HMG just because they say otherwise. They said that they could trigger A50 without Parliamentary approval and Gina proved them wrong.


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