On Tuesday, there are critical Brexit votes coming up in the House of Lords. Three cross party amendments, on Single Market membership, will be voted on and we need to win these votes to avoid a hard and destructive Brexit.Leaving the Single Market would do profound damage to our economy, our vital public services and trade with our largest trading partner, the EU. Even the Government’s own leaked analysis says that leaving the Single Market would damage our economy.

 The Lords must put the interests of the economy and the country above all else.

Will you take the time to email the Lords today and ask them to back these Single Market amendments?

Email addresses for the House of Lords can be found here
@openbritain have provided this sample email:
Subject: Supporting Cross-party amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill
To The Rt Hon. the Lord xxx

Tuesday’s House of Lords debate on amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill will be a crucial moment in the fight against a hard and destructive Brexit. Three cross-party amendments on membership of the European Economic Area (EEA) have been tabled, in the names of Lord Alli, Baroness Verma and Lord Bilimoria, and I am writing to urge you to support them.

As you know, leaving the EEA would do profound damage to our economy, our public services and our trade with the EU, and and compromise the goal of avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland. The EEA also helps protect employee, consumer and environmental protections. According to the Government’s own leaked analysis, leaving the Single Market and securing a free trade deal with the EU would result in a 5% hit to GDP by 2033, compared to a 1.5% if we remain a member through the EEA.

With the Brexit negotiations gridlocked, and the public growing increasingly concerned about where we are heading, support among Conservative MPs has clearly changed in favour of a softer Brexit. At least ten Conservative MPs have publicly indicated they support the UK continuing to participate in the EEA and there is now every reason to think the House of Commons would pass an amendment to stay in the EEA, if they are given the chance. So don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. This will only happen if you and your Labour colleagues vote for the amendments on Tuesday – which is what the overwhelming majority of Labour members and supporters expect of the party in the House of Lords.

The importance of this moment cannot be overstated. Whether the UK stays in the Single Market and avoids the worst impacts of Brexit is now in the hands of the Labour Party. With the support of Conservative rebel MPs, you can help make this happen.

I hope you will continue to do the right thing, and put the interests of the economy and the country above all else.

Thank you in advance for your support,
Yours Sincerely

xxxx yyyyyyy

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  1. Mal Bond
    Mal Bond says:

    Why do we not have a link to the Lords email addresses?
    There should be a list of them which can be used easily.
    Thank you.


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