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Email to a Lord asking for support amending the Article50 Bill

Please write to one or more of our Lords to urge them to amend the Notification of Withdrawal Bill and allow Parliament to get back control of the EU exit process.
Email addresses for the House of Lords can be found here
Subject: Amending the Notification of Withdrawal Bill to introduce meaningful Parliamentary scrutiny
To The Rt Hon. the Lord xxx
Dear Lord  xxx,
I am writing to you in very worrying times. Commencing February 20th the House of Lords will be asked to approve and pass back to the Commons the Notification of Withdrawal Bill to allow our Prime Minister to formally notify the EU of the UK’s intention to leave the union.
Quite apart from my disquiet over the UK actually leaving the EU I am horrified at the current form the Bill is taking.  As you know it passed through the Commons without amendment and currently has the effect of excluding both houses from any further meaningful involvement in the exit negotiations.
The Government have undertaken to seek approval (by way of a motion) on the deal negotiated but expect the choice to be between accepting this deal or leaving the EU without any deal at all, hardly a real choice.
It just cannot be right for the two houses to excluded from the process in this way.
I believe that our Representative Democracy can only be served by Parliament passing an Act (the EU Exit Ratification Bill perhaps?) into law ratifying the exit deal once the terms are known.  If Parliament considers that they would want, as part of that Ratification process, a further referendum to test the “will of the people” once the costs of leaving are properly understood then of course they would be able to include this as part of the Ratification Bill.
The process of passing a Ratification Act  into law would also give the Houses the ability to ensure that the rights of UK nationals living in the EU27 countries and EU27 nationals living in the UK are properly protected.
The Crowdjustice.co.uk group have asked three eminent legal experts to provide a legal opinion which has as its crux the opinion that –
“Parliamentary sovereignty and the principle of legality require Parliament expressly to authorise withdrawal from the European Union on the terms agreed with the European Union, or to authorise withdrawal if no acceptable terms can be agreed.”
This is very much in-line with earlier investigations undertaken by the House Of Lords Constitutional Affairs Committee.
There were two amendments proposed in the Commons, NC99 and NC110 that would have introduced such a mechanism into the Notification of Withdrawal Bill. These amendments did gain significant (albeit insufficient) support from our MPs and I urge you, for the sake of the UK in general but for my children in particular that you support putting such an amendment into the bill before returning it to the Commons.
I have included a link to a blog on the topic should you wish for a little light reading.
Thank you in advance for your support,
Yours Sincerely

xxxx yyyyyyy

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  1. Mal Bond
    Mal Bond says:

    Why do we not have a link to the Lords email addresses?
    There should be a list of them which can be used easily.
    Thank you.


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