Lord Patten on staying in the Single Market and Customs Union

Lord Patten very impressive and clear on these issues. John Humphrys however says "Parliament has voted on whether to leave the EU and there was a massive majority to do so, so Parliament has already decided on this"  

Theresa May - "you can't believe a word she says"

As Yvette Cooper said recently “You can’t believe a word she says” Theresa May has decided that lying is better than losing votes.  She is using the Trump tactic of not worrying about being caught in a lie as the people calling her…

Theresa May on Brexit April 2016

Published: April 25, 2016 99 comments Theresa May’s speech on Brexit: full text Thank you.  Today I want to talk about the United Kingdom, our place in the world and our membership of the European Union. But before I start,…

Concerned constituent meets his MP - Jo Churchill

Some pretty tough questions from a concerned constituent For tabling at meeting with Jo Churchill MP – Fri 10 March 2017

Look at the massive contribution our EU friends make to the UK

A look at the positive contributions EU Freedom of Movement has made to the UK. We must stop the xenophobic rush to stop one of the most positive developments around Eupore  Currently Theresa May has made stopping FoM a red-line issue…