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Well done Jeremy, a brilliant result - Now let's have our cake and eat it!

The UK can control migration from the EU without ending FoM or having to leave the Single Market Now that the UK seems to have lurched back from the cliff-edge that Theresa May had planned for us I think we have an opportunity to look sensibly…
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The true cost of May's Brexit

£44b per year - that's how much extra tax is needed if May "negotiates" her perfect exit deal. The evidence is stacking up and no-one is even asking the Conservatives how they will pay for the additional costs of Brexit. Lets assume…

Theresa May "we cannot believe a single word"

Is Theresa May really someone worthy of running our country? Yvette Cooper MP recently accused the Prime Minister of consistently lying.  "Isn't it the truth that we cannot believe a single word" she told Theresa May during PMQs. Strong words…
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Tactical Voting made easy

Find your Constituency, see who has the best chance of beating the Tories, VOTE for them on June 8th Click on Tactical voting site Thanks @chickabiddybex