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What should we do do AFTER the EU Withdrawal Deal is voted down?

Letter to my MP Julian Smith, Chief Whip of the Conservative Parliamentary Party following confirmation, from the Advocate General of the ECJ, that the UK is able to withdraw it’s Article 50 notification of intention to withdraw from the EU.…
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Brilliant speech by Sir John Major on Brexit 28/02/2018

Below is the text of Sir John Major’s speech at Somerset House in London on 28 February 2018. I would like to express my thanks to the Creative Industries Federation, Somerset House Trust, and Tech London Advocates for the opportunity to…
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The true cost of May's Brexit

£44b per year - that's how much extra tax is needed if May "negotiates" her perfect exit deal. The evidence is stacking up and no-one is even asking the Conservatives how they will pay for the additional costs of Brexit. Lets assume…
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Tactical Voting made easy

Find your Constituency, see who has the best chance of beating the Tories, VOTE for them on June 8th Click on Tactical voting site Thanks @chickabiddybex

Why do 83% of UK Science researchers want to stay in the EU?

It is much more than money.   The UK support for scientific research is small and getting smaller compare to the EU   The EU provides a fertile collaboration ground for UK scientists
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Email to a Lord asking for support amending the EU Withdrawal Bill

 On Tuesday, there are critical Brexit votes coming up in the House of Lords. Three cross party amendments, on Single Market membership, will be voted on and we need to win these votes to avoid a hard and destructive Brexit.Leaving the…