Theresa May on Brexit April 2016

Published: April 25, 2016 99 comments Theresa May’s speech on Brexit: full text Thank you.  Today I want to talk about the United Kingdom, our place in the world and our membership of the European Union. But before I start,…

Theresa May "we cannot believe a single word"

Is Theresa May really someone worthy of running our country? Yvette Cooper MP recently accused the Prime Minister of consistently lying.  "Isn't it the truth that we cannot believe a single word" she told Theresa May during PMQs. Strong words…
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Tactical Voting made easy

Find your Constituency, see who has the best chance of beating the Tories, VOTE for them on June 8th Click on Tactical voting site Thanks @chickabiddybex

Open letter to Tim Farron - Lib Dems are on the Cusp of something big

So please get rid of your 2010 baggage and let the centre get behind you Dear Tim, I think the Libdems are on the cusp of something quite dramatic, with the collapse of Labour and the appalling behaviour of the Conservatives there are…
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Why MPs must be able to stop "No Deal" option

Required reading for all MPs before you decide to give up your right to stop the UK leaving EU if it is not in our best interests. The option for the UK to leave the EU without a deal would be truly disastrous.  It would appear that HMG…

Concerned constituent meets his MP - Jo Churchill

Some pretty tough questions from a concerned constituent For tabling at meeting with Jo Churchill MP – Fri 10 March 2017

Why did the UK not use the powers they have over EU migration of workers? Letter to Theresa May

To: "" <>; Sent: Wednesday, March 1, 2017 1:30 PM Subject: Enforcement of EU rules on entry of EU nationals to the UK. Mrs Theresa May & Mrs Amber Rudd, Can…

UK already has the powers to control EU migration - we just don't use them

UK doesn't use these powers because the extra jobs (2.2m), extra tax (2014= £14.71b less benefits £2.56b) and £50b a year spending keeps our economy going. Introduction  One of the four freedoms enjoyed by EU citizens is the free movement…

Why do 83% of UK Science researchers want to stay in the EU?

It is much more than money.   The UK support for scientific research is small and getting smaller compare to the EU   The EU provides a fertile collaboration ground for UK scientists
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Email to a Lord asking for support amending the EU Withdrawal Bill

 On Tuesday, there are critical Brexit votes coming up in the House of Lords. Three cross party amendments, on Single Market membership, will be voted on and we need to win these votes to avoid a hard and destructive Brexit.Leaving the…